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So why should anybody care about "YORI," a character from the original 1982 TRON movie now that there has been a brand new update? Why should we? First of all, you must ask yourself just who was this "YORI" and what was she in this old TRON movie. She is one of a trio of heroes who defeated the MCP, and of course "Tron's" main squeeze. The first question is, wasn't she more than that? Yes, as a matter of fact, she was.

As each character played a dual role in TRON, portraying a 'real world' person, and an 'electronic' person in the "Grid," the alter-egos or 'avatars' if you will must be understood within the context of the story. Alan Bradley, played by Bruce Boxleitner was a "User" of a program in the computer called "Tron." Kevin Flynn was a "User" of a program called "CLU," and of course Cindy Morgan played Lora Baines, who we must assume was the "User" of a program called "Yori."

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Yori Lives has decided to compile a list of plausible reasons why Yori was not in TRON LEGACY. Some of reflect rather negatively on Disney and Jospeh Kosinski, while others leave them a way out. These are nothing but speculative simple possibilities which may or may not be the truth.

  • 1. The idiots didn't watch the first Tron movie, and they have no idea who Yori is.
  • 2. They forgot. While they were busy figuring out how much crap in the movie will be 3-D and how to do it, they almost forgot about Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner as well.
  • 3. They decided that Yori would get in the way of the other female characters in TRON LEGACY, and in their uncreative ignorance assumed that having any female character in a film means that she must be a sex-symbol and they couldn't figure out how to work a third sex symbol into the script.

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Whatever Alan knows, it was not enough for him to put all the clues together and rescue Flynn.  Obviously he would have wanted to.  But movie evidence says that no one touched the Grid computer since Flynn last activated the laser. 

No matter what Flynn has or hasn’t told Alan, it seems very unlikely that Alan would miss the probability that Lora’s digitization laser was involved in a disappearance with no evidence.  He had to be aware of Flynn's interest in it. 

So the question is, how much does Alan know about the programs' world? 

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Here's something my friend and i have been working on forevah!  and are please to share with you lovely programs!  I must warn you, it isn't very dial up friendly  It's a really big pic! 

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The squares are of course Tron's symbol. The outline is basically just little bits and pieces of Tron's personality and thoughts. The insides of the boxes are filled with what Tron and CLU were saying as CLU repurposed him. The different colors represent the different characters and how tron turns into Rinzler, but still has little lines of Tron's coding inside him.


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