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Title: In Your Absence
Rating: G
Pairing: TRON/Yori
Genre: angst, drama
Disclaimer: TRON belongs to Disney
Betas: none, so please forgive mistakes
Summary: She wanted to hate him, hate him for not being everything that she had ever imagined Users to be, for not saving TRON.
A/N: Link leads back to my LJ, please leave comments there, thanks. :)

Because without TRON, what was left?
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The FOLLOWING BELOW is a modest list of Tron/Yori & Alan/Lora stories you've probably already checked out by now, but should check out again for the mere sake of it. If you've any fics you think are worthy of the rec list, leave a post below with the link and a description of the story.


Stories by Ridyr:
Survivor's Tale (PG-13) - What happened to Yori between Tron & Tron Legacy: Yori tells her story to a group of programs in an unstable post-Legacy grid.
Different (PG) - Rinzler's perspective on an unorthodox disc wars battle: His strange female opponent refuses to fight back, but he can't bring himself to kill her for reasons he can't entirely remember.
Perfect (PG) - Rinzler fights to obtain a memory from Tron in order to save a repurposed Yori, forcing him to grapple for the first time with questions about right & wrong, the hidden truth, & his distorted reality.
My Tron (R) - An intimate encounter between Tron and Yori back in the earliest days of thier relationship, before the events of TRON. Told from Yori's perspective. One might call it a . . . "personal interpretation" of program sexuality. Enjoy.

Stories by RogueRaven21:
Always Return (G) - After the Portal closes, the Grid's greatest hero isn't gone. He just needs to be found. The post Legacy reunion of Tron and Yori.

...MORE )


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