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Yori Lives has decided to compile a list of plausible reasons why Yori was not in TRON LEGACY. Some of reflect rather negatively on Disney and Jospeh Kosinski, while others leave them a way out. These are nothing but speculative simple possibilities which may or may not be the truth.

  • 1. The idiots didn't watch the first Tron movie, and they have no idea who Yori is.
  • 2. They forgot. While they were busy figuring out how much crap in the movie will be 3-D and how to do it, they almost forgot about Tron himself, Bruce Boxleitner as well.
  • 3. They decided that Yori would get in the way of the other female characters in TRON LEGACY, and in their uncreative ignorance assumed that having any female character in a film means that she must be a sex-symbol and they couldn't figure out how to work a third sex symbol into the script.

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I LOVE YOUTUBE sfm. I recently watched the Cindy/Bruce Q&A from the 2010 Sci-Fi Expo and learned that they were in a [old] tv series together (Bring 'Em Back Alive), but I never actually expected to find a thing it of it on YouTube of all places if this is what they were talkin' about. The clip I watched was so hilarious, I'm not sure if the show is a parody of those old serials that inspired Indiana Jones or just being really adventurously silly like most shows of its era. Either way I loved seeing these two together in something other than a lightsuit and really huge glasses.

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