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Welcome to SPARKS, the first and only community dedicated to the relationship between programs Tron and Yori --- as well as their User counterparts Alan Bradley and Lora Baines-Bradley --- of Walt Disney's Tron (1982), Tron 2.0 (2003 non-cannon game sequel), Tron: Betrayal/Evolution and Tron: Legacy (2010).

Prior to seeing the film, I had no idea this relationship existed within the world of Tron (in fact, the only het/gen pairing that seemed to officially exist within the cannon was Sam Flynn and the ISO program, Quorra of Legacy), but the more my interest in Legacy grew the more I wanted to know about the first film. I browsed the Tron Wikia (and Tumblr, which had at least two lovely T/Y graphics and awesome photoshoots of Bruce and Cindy in costume all cuddly-wudly) extensively and discovered the concept of "Users" and "Programs" being mirrors of each other and that Alan/Lora were a legit couple and sure enough, Tron had himself a sweetheart in the guise of Yori.


But I kept wondering how a movie about "fighting a program with a GodMod complex has time for romance";. How does that work exactly (nevermind Disney does it all the time in their animated films of old)? Leave it to YouTube to answer my question with the deleted "Love" scene that left me dumbfounded by the genuine adorableness that is Tron/Yori. The following day, I watched the movie and I was shipping them with unabashed enthusiasm. Unfortunately, most of the fandom's energy is focused on Legacy and Tron's corrupt data persona, Rinzler (which always compels me to snap "his name is TRON damnit!"), so any fandom material regarding either character or their lovely Users (together or apart) is extremely sparse or non-existent for the most part.

Regardless, I felt the urging to create this community because it needs to exsist within the fandom. Fans of "Tori" rejoice, you've got a place to bask in happiness now.


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