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I've recently come across an article on tumblr concerning TRON 3 and while there's no concrete plans outside of possible ideals being thrown around for the script (which I hope they spend a good deal of time on) about Quorra and Dillinger Junior, let's just say for arguments sake that Yori and Lora would be included in these plans as well. (prays fervently that she is.)
  • What roles do you think either the original TRON heroines could play opposite Quorra and the rest of Legacy's surviving cast of heroes?
  • If Tron survived the fall into the sea of simulation, how do you think his and Yori's reunion would go down (assuming he gets ported back to the ENCOM server)?

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Whatever Alan knows, it was not enough for him to put all the clues together and rescue Flynn.  Obviously he would have wanted to.  But movie evidence says that no one touched the Grid computer since Flynn last activated the laser. 

No matter what Flynn has or hasn’t told Alan, it seems very unlikely that Alan would miss the probability that Lora’s digitization laser was involved in a disappearance with no evidence.  He had to be aware of Flynn's interest in it. 

So the question is, how much does Alan know about the programs' world? 

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For unspecified reasons, most likely concerning her skills as an engineer or the creation of the digitalization laser, Lora was offered and accepted a job opportunity in Washington in graphic novel/prequel TRON: Betrayal (2010).

Safe to say, regardless of which Washington her job is actually stationed (Washington state or the Washington D.C.), it's a long ways from Los Angles, California and her statement that she and Alan would "make it work" (their relationship) pretty much implied that she would be living there as well as working.

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I'm sure everyone (or most of you) are aware of the Tron fansite, TRON SECTOR. I only just became aware of it by a uncanny turn of luck. Most of their discussions on the forums are interesting enough, there's certainly enough knowledge between one guy and the next to have kept me glued to their webpage.

However, my enjoyment of one thread was cut short when someone posed the question of "why everyone wanted Yori back" in Legacy or the next sequel (Tron 3). To paraphrase, the user said "She was just Tron's love interest. She was hot, she really didn't do anything and had no personality." I remember staring at the comment for a little while before scrolling down the page.

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