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Title: His Meager Defense
Prompt: None
Summary: He’s doing a terrible job of playing the [jealous] boyfriend.
Author: Sakura123 ([ profile] weber_dubois22)
Rating: G
Word Count:
Chapters: 1/1
Character(s): Alan Bradley; Lora Baines, Kevin Flynn (Mentioned)
Spoilers/Warnings: None

He’s doing a terrible job of playing the [jealous] boyfriend who ‘defends’ his girlfriend from the playful questioning of her ex. Alright, maybe he’s got the jealous part down pat (no trouble there). It irks him that she still gets on so well with Flynn, even when she’s trying to be serious about a reasonably… serious situation. The chemistry between them is undeniable to the point where Alan wants to act like a child, puff his chest out and declare “she’s my girl, not yours”, all whilst moving her to the other side of the room in a manner he used to employ during his sandbox years.

Alas, he had to the better man this case, he could not let Flynn’s smarminess get to him. Lora didn’t seem too bothered by Kevin’s nonchalant attitude toward her questioning, let alone the fact that he knew she still left her clothes all over the place, so he had deal with this in the same manner she was. Alan would continue to act stern and disapproving of Kevin until he made a passing mention about TRON and breaking into the system.

After that, there would be no hiding the fact that he could get on well enough with Flynn, if only because of their shared desire to stick it to Dillinger. And knowing that Lora would never let him live it down, Alan prepared himself for the aftermath of his actions.


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